The more complex the task, the easier the decision. Welcome to Daimler TSS.

Security. Protection of sensitive information and critical systems. As a specialist particularly in the management of sensitive data we make risks transparent to our customers in all fields and provide solutions to minimize them. more

Innovation. Using collective intelligence and creativity. We take the liberty to regard topics away from the classical project business and to try something new. Our various labs are an important brick in this context and work with a certain and necessary research character. more

Current Issues

New CEO at Daimler TSS GmbH

Christoph Röger takes over the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective 1 October 2016. Daimler TSS is a internal IT-Partner of the Daimler AG, the headquarters is Ulm. The new Management team are now Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Steffen Bäuerle and CEO Christoph Röger.

IT excellence: Comprehensive, innovative, close.

We're a specialist and strategic business partner for innovative IT solutions within the Daimler Group. Launched in 1998 as a pure software development team, today we are a medium-sized service provider with over 600 employees. As a 100% subsidiary of Daimler, we live the culture of excellence and aspire to take an innovative and technological lead.

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